What Is Configuration Management?

Configuration Management is a systems engineering process of establishing, controlling, and maintaining an asset’s attributes and properly controlling its performance in a desired state throughout its lifecycle. It verifies that an organization’s system design matches its performance. It clarifies the behavior and policies of your desired end-state and keeps each IT environment reliable and consistent. Whenever a configuration change occurs, Configuration Management safely monitors it through its lifecycle, preventing the change from impacting systems and ensuring IT resources remain unaffected and operate correctly.

How Can Flycast Partners Help You?

Flycast Partners has designed IT solutions helping organizations successfully maintain its desired end-state. We provide each organization visibility into the details of IT resources. This visibility reduces the amount of compliance, security, and quality issues created by misconfigurations. Agile Configuration Management processes allow companies to deploy solutions that optimize assets and service delivery systems by defining a configuration baseline of IT landscapes that can be controlled, maintained, and strengthened.

How Will You Benefit?

Our skilled engineers deliver proven methods so IT landscapes can reliably perform according to design. The right tools – to effectively identify, document, track, and test configuration changes – provide an accurate performance record of your IT resources, simplify compliance and validation auditing, and improve system recovery. When an organization safely monitors configuration changes and achieves desired system output with adaptable IT solutions, each company is not only protected from software vulnerabilities but also has the ability to quickly address increasing technology demands and regulations that may impact future operational performance.