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Freshservice ITSM Case Study

Transforming Manufacturing Through the Power of IT Service Management


Thurs., July 18 | 1pm (ET) / 10am (PT)


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What does efficient ITSM look like?

The latest ITSM technologies are meeting more demanding requirements, robust enough to unify and centralize IT across the enterprise, delivering a cohesive user experience while eliminating the need for multiple tools. 

How Does Freshservice Address Operational Inefficiencies?

During this webinar, hear from industry experts and learn how Freshservice has focused on building innovative features to enable workers, staff, and vendors to get IT support anytime, anywhere, across multiple channels.

But how does that truly
impact the organization?

Get off spreadsheets. Automation where it counts.  Accurate asset visibility. Faster IT support and consistent services. No more waiting for up-to-date information. Quicker issue resolution.

Looking to Unify IT and Business Teams on a Single Platform?

Just a few of the topics covered during the webinar:


Consistent and Cohesive: Ways of streamlining IT support for Manufacturing operations to improve collaboration, accurately monitor upcoming tasks, and minimize rework

Ticket Reduction: Build and maintain a searchable Knowledge Base so that users can access accurate troubleshooting and support info, solving issues on their own

Self-Service Benefits: Built-in features with no coding to ensure consistent issue resolution and secure access to Service Catalog for the entire workforce 

Best Practices for ITSM: Discover the ease of use of Freshservice, eliminating fragmented services  and the need for multiple tools, phasing out redundant systems and  overlapping functions

Real-World Case Studies: Hear from those who have already made the switch, successfully transforming IT in the Manufacturing sector, providing practical examples and lessons learned

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