Mobile APPs for Your Cherwell System

Wednesday, September 9 at 2:00 PM—2:45 PM EST





Mobile Apps for Your Cherwell System Webinar

sigmaGO offers your Technicians a seamless Cherwell mobile experience. Its intuitive interface lets your Technicians interact with Service Requests, Incidents, Problems, Knowledge Articles, Approvals, and any Enterprise Service Management applications. 

sigmaGO's Mobile-as-a-Service platform supports Cherwell Saas, on-premise, and public cloud environments via the Cherwell RestAPI and requires no middleware or dedicated servers. Applications are available for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS devices which reduce complexity and streamline your processes to simplify the Technician mobile experience. 

Join us on Wednesday, September 9th at 2PM EDT with Sreedhar Reddy and Anthony D'Ambrosio to view a demo of sigmaGO from a Technician point of view as well as the point of view of the customer.

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