When: Thursday, May 19 at 2PM (ET) / 11AM (PT)

What’s the cost of mismanaging the technology relationships supporting your services?

Flycast Partners understands many organizations struggle to make sense of their asset data.

If the location, performance, health, and relationships of IT assets are unknown, then waste, breaches, outages, errors, and overspending are unavoidable.

Without the ability to populate and maintain a current and accurate CMDB, organizations lack the visibility to know the immediate impact of change and ensure IT investments are performing as intended.

Join Flycast Partners and Virima for an ITAM-focused Webinar discussing how discovery, CMDB implementation, and dependency mapping help organizations:

• Access an up-to-date service map of all physical and virtual assets
• Drill down and address risk and potential incidents proactively
• Track open, pending, and completed changes automatically
• Perform auditing and compliance more efficiently
• Provide a single source of asset truth for operations and stakeholders


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